ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji]

ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] By Tetsuya Honda, So ru Keiji None
  • Title: ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji]
  • Author: Tetsuya Honda
  • ISBN: 9784334746681
  • Page: 185
  • Format: None
  • ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] By Tetsuya Honda, None
    ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] By Tetsuya Honda,
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      Tetsuya Honda

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    1. Tetsuya Honda

      Tetsuya Honda Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the ソウルケイジ[Sōru Keiji] book, this is one of the most wanted Tetsuya Honda author readers around the world.

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    1. This is a crime procedural story that takes place in Japan and is the second book in a series, the first book being The Silent Dead The main character is Lt Reiko Himewaka who is an officer in a police department in Tokyo It starts with the finding of a severed hand, at the beginning because of the location everyone presumes the body part belongs to a man called Kenichi Takaoka, but soon the team realizes that it belongs to a different person.The book is told mainly from the point of view of the [...]

    2. DNF at page 100I just couldn t get on with this I didn t read the first book and I m not sure if something is being lost in translation as I read a fair bit of Japanese fiction both crime and otherwise and usually have no issue.The opening to this was good the prologue but once I headed out into the police elements, with the main protagonist Himekawa and those surrounding her, it just read in a very child like way The dialogue was terrible Just insulting each other in a very kid in the playgroun [...]

    3. I enjoy Japanese crime fiction and I am not quite sure how Honda s first Himekawa book in translation in the US didn t get on my radar last year But I jumped quickly in with the second It was hard to tell if reading the previous book would have been helpful, there are a lot of characters to keep track of and it sometimes felt like there were things I should know about them, but I can t say for sure.Because I read lots of Japanese crime fiction, I am used to the things that sometimes rub people w [...]

    4. InkvotaryThe end was kind of weird Still, I don t like the way how some men in this thriller treat the women they work with Well, not sure what to think of it now There is still plenty of things in the plot that I am not getting warm with and my view of being a woman is totally different from the one, Reiko shows Yes, this is a fictional story, and yes, the humor of the Japanese people seems to be a bit different from the rest of the world But why on earth is the main figure letting her male col [...]

    5. Soul Cage by Tetsuya Honda is an entertaining, decently written detective novel, but it brings nothing new to the table and the ending is quite predicable at least, to me it is It really isn t as exciting and twisted as Honda s first book of the series Strawberry Night.

    6. 3.5 starsI read Honda s first Reiko Himekawa book, The Silent Dead, earlier this year and found it rather wanting as both a mystery and a novel but was still interested enough in the characters and setting to decide that I d pick up the next in the series when it was translated and published in English Soul Cage is that next book, and I m glad I made the decision to read it As both a police procedural mystery and a suspense novel, Soul Cage is much accomplished than The Silent Dead The prose is [...]

    7. Interesting book, a good read despite some distracting translation ese Well constructed, unusual in my experience plot with interesting characters very different from one another Much of the book is about the characters and their relationships with others and with themselves Point of view changes around, mostly successfully One or two occurrences and plot turns struck me as unlikely or unconvincing, but some of that may be genre acceptable in Japanese mysteries I ll have to read of them to find [...]

    8. It took several false starts and persistence reading of the first half of the book, but finally the flow kicked in and the read became smooth sailing I think some of the early difficulty lay with me as the reader, struggling to place unfamiliar Japanese names with the various characters I m looking forward to reading the first book soon, before I skip back into cultural unfamiliarity In reference to one of the previous reviews, the male author voicing a female lead character was not a problem Ho [...]

    9. N m ngo i t i may m n c b n t ng Strawberry Night D u m o t m nh v o ng y sinh nh t, ph i n i l h nh ph c c n g b ng n a, 1 quy n ti u thuy t kinh d c a Nh t, ng gu c a t i r i N m nay c ng th , tuy ch a n sinh nh t nh ng t i l i c t ng ti p Soul Cage Linh h n t i l i, quy n ti p theo trong series trinh th m c a Honda Tetsuya, th t h nh ph c Strawberry Night, b a s ch l h nh qu d u nhu m m u, qu r r ng r i Nh ng Soul Cage, b a s ch l i l 2 b ng ng i, 1 l n 1 nh ng , trong v ng xo y, hay l trong [...]

    10. In Tokio wird eine abgetrennte Hand gefunden der K rper dazu fehlt bisher Fingerabdr cke am Fundort f hren zu Kenichi Takaoka, einem Subunternehmer, der f r gro e Bauunternehmen arbeitet Die schwere Verletzung muss direkt zu seinem Tod gef hrt haben Ein noch unbekannter Icherz hler berichtet in einem weiteren Handlungsstrang vom Tod seines Vaters, der von einem Bauger st st rzte, und wie ein lterer Kollege des Vaters sich um das Waisenkind k mmerte.Zwei Teams der Tokioter Mordkommission ermittel [...]

    11. The second book in the Reiko Himekawa series begins similarly to the first, with some background narrated by one of the characters Honda then moves onto the crime that forms the basis of this procedural, the discovery of a severed hand in an abandoned van The Tokyo Homicide squad sets up a task force to investigate, including Reiko.As with the first novel, Reiko has to compete with an implacable colleague who dislikes her methods, this time the process bound Lieutenant Kusaka, who detests Reiko [...]

    12. Books that are translated from the original language can always be a little challenging, and this one was no different, particularly as the original was Japanese so the names themselves proved tricky to remember The book itself is a crime novel, with the crime committed in downtown Tokyo and it centres on the rivalry between two detectives on the case, one of which is a woman and the challenges she undergoes in a predominantly male dominated arena forms a central theme The characters are well d [...]

    13. Murder mystery set in Tokyo, Japan It was very good, and had lots of twists and turns It also was good about showcasing the structure of Japanese society, even in the police department Reiko s department, in several squads, is called on to participate in a special task force investigating a murder where the only evidence is a lot of blood and a hand The story switches back and forth from a first person narrative to the police investigation.This is a very popular series in Japan, and has been mad [...]

    14. This is the first Japanese mystery I ve read It took me quite awhile to get into the story Quite a few grammatical errors that I m sure are just part of the translation and tons of supporting characters that were hard to keep track of About 1 2 way through the various plot twists started getting interesting So glad I stuck with the book and finished it

    15. The plot itself was really good, but I feel hesitant to comment on anything else because, to me, the translation from Japanese to English was not up to standard More detailed review at writerhime.wordpress 2017

    16. I got interested in this series by the description I find the style of the second installment a little different from the first The characters still retain the character of manga tropes, but the story lines and plotting have flesh Try the first, you may enjoy it.

    17. Excellent Very well done plotting and police procedural Well developed characters and interesting insights into difference and similarities between US and Japanese policing.

    18. H m quy n n y kh nh gi qu i m t X t v th thu t g y n th c ng kh ng c g l m i so v i th lo i trinh th m, nh ng x t v ng c g y n th M nh ngh v n d b c Honda vi t quy n n y v i m c ch h ng n nh ng ng i l m cha l m m , v nh ng t nh c m h d nh cho con c i, c i nh n c a con c i i v i h N i chung v kho n x y d ng nh n v t v c m x c th m nh r t ng, gi ng nh ang c ti u thuy t c a b c Keigo v y C m b c Honda b b nh k th ph n ng kh ng C i series mang t n Himekawa Reiko, l Hi Me Ka Wa Rei Ko , ch kh ng ph i [...]

    19. May m m u 2018 b ng m t cu n s ch kh ng d ch t n o V n h c Nh t v n r t tuy t trong c ch i s u v o t m l nh n v t V v y d Soul Cage l truy n trinh th m, nh ng nh h u h t t c ph m trinh th m Nh t m nh c, m nh list v o m c t m l pha trinh th m V t a th m nh th y Soul Cage t m g n n i dung truy n h n t a Ti ng Vi t Linh h n t i l i D nhi n d ch l Linh h n trong l ng hay L ng h n v.v th th qu , nh ng d ng Linh h n t i l i th c l h i kh c so v i tri t l m truy n a ra.V t nh trinh th m trong truy n, n [...]

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