Exit Lines

Exit Lines By Joan Barfoot, Exit Lines The Idyll Inn the setting for Joan Barfoot s brilliant eleventh novel Exit Lines is a pastel hued care facility designed for seniors with healthy incomes but varying hopes despairs abilities and
  • Title: Exit Lines
  • Author: Joan Barfoot
  • ISBN: 9780307397065
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Exit Lines By Joan Barfoot, The Idyll Inn, the setting for Joan Barfoot s brilliant eleventh novel, Exit Lines, is a pastel hued care facility designed for seniors with healthy incomes but varying hopes, despairs, abilities and deformities In scathing detail, Barfoot describes the Idyll Inn s plastic plants, inoffensive art and pallid recreational activities, all familiar to any reader who has hadThe Idyll Inn, the setting for Joan Barfoot s brilliant eleventh novel, Exit Lines, is a pastel hued care facility designed for seniors with healthy incomes but varying hopes, despairs, abilities and deformities In scathing detail, Barfoot describes the Idyll Inn s plastic plants, inoffensive art and pallid recreational activities, all familiar to any reader who has had occasion to visit such a place or to live in one Running the show or so she thinks is priggish administrator Annabelle Walker, charged with keeping the residents happy, or at least as happy as is required to keep a tidy profit flowing to far away investors.But not all residents of the Idyll Inn choose to acquiesce Sylvia Lodge, one of the Idyll Inn s first residents, prides herself on her steely backbone, despite crippling arthritis Affluently widowed, she has selected the Idyll Inn as a less objectionable alternative to a perilous dwindling at home She coolly refuses to be bossed, certainly not by Annabelle Walker about whose family Sylvia keeps a dark secret , or by her estranged daughter, Nancy, from whom she keeps yet another, even explosive, secret Sylvia is determined to unapologetically lay claim to her lifetime of choices, responsibilities and blame, not yet aware that her icy solitude will shortly be broken by the company of three soon to be intimate friends.Given the facility s small population, the Idyll Inn s new inhabitants are bound to have crossed paths And indeed many have Wheelchair confined George Hammond, once a handsome shoe store owner with a stay at home wife and adored daughter, long ago cupped Sylvia s feet in his hands and admired her well formed calves He has done far with Greta Bauer, his former clerk, whose loneliness as a young immigrant widow with children rendered her available for a comfortable and seemingly uncomplicated affair Now deposited under the same roof by absent children, the former lovers are in a position to reflect on the consequences of their choices.Completing the newly formed coterie of friends is tiny Ruth Friedman, a retired Children s Aid worker who keeps many of the city s darkest secrets, and whose passionate late in life marriage to fellow social worker Bernard did not include children of their own Now also widowed, her grief unfathomably deep, she has taken to cheerfully reading horrifying news stories aloud to her new friends, who are soon to discover that these daily doses of gloom are less for their edification than they are in service of a desperate project for which Ruth needs their complicity.In the wryly funny and wholly compassionate Exit Lines, acclaimed author Joan Barfoot once again treats her readers to an intimate encounter with some fascinating characters engaged in the fight of their lives Sylvia, George, Greta and Ruth are at times tender, angry, hilarious and deeply flawed, but always utterly and captivatingly human How do we treat the elderly in our lives How do we intend to grow old ourselves Will we ever come to the end of longing Exit Lines brings to the surface these and other fundamental questions about the nature of life, and its closing.From the Hardcover edition.
    Exit Lines By Joan Barfoot,
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    1. Joan Barfoot

      Joan Barfoot is an award winning novelist whose work has been compared internationally with that of Anne Tyler, Carol Shields, Margaret Drabble and Margaret Atwood Her novels include Luck in 2005, nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, as well as Abra, which won the Books in Canada first novels award, Dancing in the Dark, which became an award winning Canadian entry in the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals, Duet for Three, Family News, Plain Jane, Charlotte and Claudia Keeping in Touch, Some Things About Flying, and Getting Over Edgar Her 2001 novel, Critical Injuries, was longlisted for the 2002 Man Booker Prize and shortlisted for the 2001 Trillium Book Award In 1992 she was given the Marian Engel Award Also a journalist during much of her career, she lives in London, Ontario, Canada.

    151 thoughts on “Exit Lines”

    1. It started out good with a varied assortment people entering a retirement home and how they adapt and now are getting into aging and the end of life issues The character development is good but I am found that it dragged a bit into the second third of the book and I found it difficult to finish.

    2. Exit Lines by Joan Barfoot is different from most books I read This book makes you sit back and think about your future and where will you be when you hit retirement age.The novel focuses on four seniors Sylvia, Greta, Ruth and George who have come to stay at the Idyll Inn a retirement home They re not really happy about it but they ve come to that age and among health concerns and other things it s easier for them to move into this home where if they need it, care is available They aren t ready [...]

    3. Joan Barfoot has taken her immense talents in a curiously morbid direction recently In her last novel, Luck, the action revolved around a funeral parlour after one main character woke up to find her husband dead beside her In this novel, the focus is on a foursome of aging inhabitants of a retirement home who form a supportive friendship that one woman then draws into her elaborate plan to kill herself on her 75th birthday Needless to say, this sets off much contemplation of the inevitability of [...]

    4. I loved this darkly comic novel about four residents in a newly constructed retirement home Although it seems at first that the four residents have little in common, it quickly turns out that they are all connected in some way The author lives in London Ontario, and I read this book in preparation to hearing her speak tomorrow.

    5. Not an easy subject to tackle, 4 different characters in a nursing home, all with their own pasts.It makes for different reading, for which I commend BarfootHowever,I struggled somewhat with this book At times the writing style was hard to get through, the characters also are somewhat confusing and confused The plot, as such, was ok, but a few lose ends remained.

    6. If I could give partial points, this would definitely be a 3.5 or just not quite 4 for me It is the story of a very interesting group of seniors living in a senior s residence and how they all come together to form their own little family even though they did not have much to do with each other in their earlier lives It is a very interesting look at late in life end of life issues and how one looks differently at things as your mortality becomes real I actually feel that I might have liked thi [...]

    7. At the beginning, I thought Oh no, is this like the Old Lady Who Broke all the Rules Then I realized it wasn t like that, when it was so slow to develop There was a lot of back story which was interesting but not always that exciting, or for that matter necessary The end of the novel was definitely the best part of the book, with an interesting perspective which lifted up the novel, but getting there was slow going.

    8. This novel is set in a rather exclusive retirement home very specifically not a nursing home in a non specified small town in Canada The brand shiny new Idyll Inn opens its doors and welcomes its new residents followed by their rag tag assortment of family members and moving teams There s well to do Chairlady of every charity board in town, wife of lawyer Sylvia who moves herself in unaided by, indeed without telling her only daughter Nancy She demands a room with a view and a balcony and instal [...]

    9. A subject that may have put me off kept me entranced The characters were well portrayed and the story drifted smoothly from chapter to chapter Held my attention throughout The end was an anticlimax Yet, one of the best books I have read lately.

    10. A dark comic novel of four friends in a retirement home, pondering topics of life, death, family, children, sex.ntially their past lives and how they relate to one another A surprise twist when the age old euthanasia debate comes up and the toughest form test of friendship is put to the test Favourite quote on life death rainbows Sometimes I see shapes and colours that I know aren t really there I think that s just because of a new drug my doctor is trying, but in a way it s also how I tend to s [...]

    11. I d give this enjoyable read a 3.5 star rating actually Life in a newly opened retirement home brings 4 people together into a close knit friendship The story features each one of the four their childhood, marriages, careers all the external trappings and accomplishments of a full life but then shifts deeper into their internal dialogue about their relationships with their adult children, their views about their failing bodies, their beliefs and ethics, the good and the bad in the world, the per [...]

    12. The idea behind the book is great, some of the writing was very compelling, but unfortunately the characters tended to be stereotypes rather than real people The struggling immigrant woman, the social worker who never had children and has been crippled by the past both her s and her family history the socialite with the sharp tongue the story could have been so much richer but ultimately she did not get deep enough with the characters Also I found the ending unsatisfying, not because no one died [...]

    13. This book made literally zero impact on my life and will soon be forgotten Exit Lines is an anticlimactic tale of four individuals in a nursing style home who reminisce on their younger years while trying to convince Ruth, the most healthiest one, not to kill herself Ruth remains firm on the decision that the world sucks and begs her new friends to help her end her life That s about it This is probably one of my shortest reviews I ve written because I was just so, incredibly bored by it all Warn [...]

    14. Life, aging, friendship, hopeought provoking and a bit macabre but an okay read Lots of my peers are dealing with parent care, faced with their elders health issues, relocation into care homes so this was interesting from the point of view of the elderly They have had full lives, jobs, families, affairs and have to face the limits and sometimes humiliations imposed upon them by health, circumstance and caregivers Doesn t matter how close we are to facing our mortality, until the end we are part [...]

    15. I loved this book, truly deserving of the word romp through the lives of four octogenarians Barfoot s writing is wise and wry as she ponders life s big questions with wit We see characters who are fleshed out, passionate people behind the old age camouflage of invisibility I laughed and commiserated as Barfoot explored the loss of dignity and autonomy in old age, and gained insight into what makes life worth living A jewel of a book If you re over 60, read this and see where you re headed.

    16. I loved this book and was surprised to see that others didn t Maybe it is my age 58 and the fact that my mother has been in a couple of retirement homes for respite, and an elderly aunt and uncle live in one I thought the book was very funny and a bit sad, and I had to stop now and then to think about what I had just read, and consider my own perspectives of aging and my and my mother s future.

    17. This took place in a new retirement home Four people connect One doesn t want to continue beyond a certain point in her life The book is concerned with friendships, relationships with adult children, aging It is a tad too close to the bone for me personally, but it is interesting.

    18. Examines death, suicide, sex, old age, marriage with humour and compassion Not much of a story but interesting characters and sometimes wonderful use of language.Yarn Character development Language Bonus opinions

    19. What a great books Written in the usual Barfoot style, this book made me laugh, and also made me realize a lot about the elderly This is a book that has opened my eyes and will change my way of thinking and approach to life.

    20. She really doesn t sugarcoat the realities of aging A nice, unassuming, steals up on you story Also one of those books that makes me wonder if people I know are cheating on their spouses since, if literature is to be believed, it s happening a lot than I realize.

    21. Black comedy about what happens when some of the clients of an upscale seniors residence decide to take things into their own hands Started well but dragged a bit towards the end.

    22. Beautiful story of growing up experiences, sectors and life I love the characters.cially the main 4 This book is a must read

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