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Kosher Sex By Shmuley Boteach, Kosher Sex The focus of this book is sex and the central position it occupies within marriage and relationships Sex for pleasure is an end in itself But Kosher Sex is the fire of sexual attraction that creates u
  • Title: Kosher Sex
  • Author: Shmuley Boteach
  • ISBN: 9780340745625
  • Page: 486
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  • Kosher Sex By Shmuley Boteach, The focus of this book is sex and the central position it occupies within marriage and relationships Sex for pleasure is an end in itself But Kosher Sex is the fire of sexual attraction that creates union in the bedroom and closeness and intimacy in life.Kosher Sex will change how you view, discuss, and approach sex With humor, sensitivity, respect, and honesty, Rabbi BThe focus of this book is sex and the central position it occupies within marriage and relationships Sex for pleasure is an end in itself But Kosher Sex is the fire of sexual attraction that creates union in the bedroom and closeness and intimacy in life.Kosher Sex will change how you view, discuss, and approach sex With humor, sensitivity, respect, and honesty, Rabbi Boteach touches on all the modern questions concerning this eternally interesting topic.Kosher Sex pioneers a new approach to sex, marriage, and personal relationships that draws on traditional Jewish wisdom Rabbi Boteach uses his experience counseling individuals and couples to break down sexual taboos and openly discuss the meanings, emotions, and the hidden power of sex.In an unique anecdotal style, Rabbi Boteach illustrates each and every point, using real couples who have discovered the joys of kosher sex sex based on love, trust, and real intimacy He profiles the two most common types of couples best friends and passionate lovers and suggests ways of synthesizing the best that each type has to offer Rabbi Boteach also provides advice for singles on finding the right partner, for individuals both sure and unsure about taking their long term relationship to the next level, and for married couples who may be experiencing problems in their sex life At a time when three out of every five marriages fail, Kosher Sex will have an astonishing and positive impact.
    Kosher Sex By Shmuley Boteach,
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      Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, named by Talkers Magazine as one of the 100 most important radio hosts in America, is a nationally syndicated talk show host, the international best selling author of 15 books, and an acclaimed syndicated columnist.A winner of the London Times highly prestigious Preacher of the Year award, Rabbi Shmuley has lectured and appeared in print, radio, and TV all over the globe His radio show, Rabbi Shmuley s Passion, airs daily on Bonneville Broadcasting in afternoon drive time.He is the author of a number of books, including Kosher Sex A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments, Why Can t I Fall in Love, Judaism for Everyone Renewing your Life through the Vibrant Lessons of the Jewish Faith, and most recently, Hating Women America s Hostile Campaign Against the Fairer Sex A winner of the annual preacher of the year contest sponsored by the Times of London, he was formerly rabbi of Oxford University Shmuley he is known universally by his first name, has marketed himself as a rabbi to the stars and an expert on Jewish attitudes toward relationships and marriage Dr Ruth with a yarmulke, the Washington Post called him.

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    1. I thought this book was interesting It certainly challenges contemporary attitudes and trends and it does so by a recovery of rabbinical teachings on sexuality Rabbi Boteach s enthusiasm for marriage and family is evident in the text and it s clear his goal is to build stronger connections between married partners His winsome personality certainly comes through.I read this book a while ago and I m still thinking about it While the volume is written for a popular and not necessarily Jewish audien [...]

    2. This book was fairly well structured and easy to read, although my interest waned during about half of it, because those parts were simply less relevant to me about half the time he speaks to married people, a fourth of the time to singles, and a fourth of the time to adulterers, and only the first is applicable to me I found most of his advice on sex truthful and appropriate which is only to say I agreed with him most of the time , and I found his cultural analysis of how our society treats sex [...]

    3. This overgrown essay was so repetitive and not at all as scandalous as the title suggests He could have summed it up in a status update Basically 1 Premarital sex will ruin the relationship.2 Adultery is really bad and most likely caused from having premarital sex 3 Women need to stay out of the spotlight because they are so magical and mysteriously sexual 4 The wife needs to be constantly romanced so that she ll respect her husband and enjoy sex with him 5 If wives don t enjoy sex with their hu [...]

    4. This would make a great book club book because there is so much room for discussion and disagreement I swung back and forth between totally agreeing with what Boteach said and completely disagreeing, experiencing nearly every point in the agreement spectrum along the way I found myself really wishing I could discuss what I was reading with someone else who had just read the same thing I would LOVE to get my boyfriend s take on the book There is just so much to talk about For example, when I read [...]

    5. Shmuley Boteach presents some really good ideas and arguments concerning sex and marriage in this book Overall the book has lots of personality, and it presents sex as a positive, life giving and spiritual experience, one that we are meant to enjoy to the fullest It was fairly repetitive though and I could have done without many of the quotes inserted before chapters frequently they detracted from his message What I likedhis obvious love of marriage and his message that husband and wife must foc [...]

    6. We talk about and partake in A LOT of sex in our lifestyles not that it is a bad thing i 3 sex and we play date marry based on chemistry what the author is telling us is that Orthodox Jews talk about goals, etc FIRST Their dating is a prelude to marriage They don t do casual dating, casual sex, etc The author s idea is that chemistry can grow like a fire from an ember Intimacy is learned Communication is paramount.Very interesting insights While I don t buy into everything he says it made me thi [...]

    7. I remembered this book being so taboo and controversial when it first came out and trust me you won t find it in the Jewish book stores I go to Still I had picked up his parenting book randomly at the library and found some of his advice to be very thoughtful so I decided to try this one Also it is my goal in life to thoroughly embarrass my husband at the library it all started with Gabriel Garcia Marquez s Memories of My Melancholy Whores when we were dating and I made him get a library card ba [...]

    8. The book starts with a jocular myth bust where Schmuley informs us that men are not, actually, the only ones who are supposed to enjoy sex women should enjoy it too When you re writing about something as personal and diverse as sex, you have to expect the author to start off somewhere basic, but the way Rabbi Boteach revels in the joke about men being the only ones to enjoy sex immediately let me know not only is this book not for me, but it also probably isn t for most people of my generation A [...]

    9. This book has wildly impractical advice, but from a religious group we don t hear from too often Orthodox Jews The good news apparently sex isn t dirty, it s the point of getting hitched Sex isn t just about babies.The bad news you still can t masturbate, use contraception, look at pornography, have multiple partners, or get to know your prospective mate very well before taking the plunge.Oh, other nuggets of wisdom men and women are so different that there s no point in trying to understand eac [...]

    10. Great book about sex and marriage Doesn t follow the common lines of reasoning for today s marital therapy, and so provides a valuable perspective Instead of highlighting communication between couples as the key to a happy marriage, the author argues that intimate connection including sex, but not only sex is the key Addresses important sexual and marital topics and brings traditional Jewish and Biblical wisdom to bear on the subjects And, simply fun to read I found myself bringing up conversati [...]

    11. This is a very well written book about the purpose behind sex and the place it can have in a healthy marriage As a married person I found the first two sections to be the most useful, after that he addresses single people and people facing divorce, neither of which are pertinent to me at the moment This book is written from a Jewish perspective, but it doesn t get too heavy into religion The parts that it does include I don t always agree with, but they at least gave me some interesting insights [...]

    12. in ancient Jewish thought the sexual act is a metaphor for God s creation of, and interaction with, His world Sex is said to bring about the celestial unity of masculine and feminine energies Judaism has always identified sex as the most holy of all human endeavors Since our world was created as an arena to demonstrate the unity of God, no other act demonstrates this better than the physical union of male and female, strangers who become lovers, and lovers who are also friends.

    13. okay, so i might have last read this book when i was like14but from what i remember, it was awesome believe it or not, it was written by an orthodox rabbi, and no, he does not advocate the sex through a blanket thing rings both funny and true if i remember correctly but my opinions on the matter might have changed, so i might have to re read it.

    14. I liked it well enough I like getting different perspectives on topics I thought he had some interesting things to say Some of it was repetitive, and sometimes I think it could have been written a little bit stronger, but there were definitely some interesting things I have discussed with people So Yeah.

    15. My book has a different cover, but it s the same book A friend gave this book to me tucked inside a brown paper bag Funny, huh I think this is a FABULOUS book It has great insight, is Biblically based, and very respectful of a sacred topic My dad would have loved this book, written by a Jewish Rabbi.

    16. Really interesting It presents a very conservative point of view of sex, and sexual relationships The author is a Hasidic rabbi who works hard at providing a positive outlook on sex within marriage, and how sex is the utmost important piece of a marriage.

    17. Good stuff, and an easy, entertaining read Definitely takes the expected conservative view on relationships, but does so in a refreshing way, and is surprisingly open in other areas I d definitely recommend it.

    18. An interesting take on sex and relationships Though Schmuley leads from Jewish teachings, he has a grasp on the reality or sex in our culture today I can t agree woth everything he suggests, but he brings up topics we should be concious of.

    19. I honestly don t remember how good it was I thought it was good at the time, but I read it before I had any psychological training or education, and it was the first sex oriented book that I ever read.

    20. Interesting but you can sense the religious undertone in this book After all it is written by a Hassidic Rabbi, however, it was interesting and can be applied to various kinds of relationships.

    21. There is just one thing I really would like to discuss with other women I guess the rabbi has got it wrong Or just didn t get it But it s a good book, really.

    22. Some of it I couldn t really relate to since it deals with marriage and getting older, but it was good anyway.

    23. Got this as a present and thought I would read into it Would not reccomend to anyone A waste of time Better books available.

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